summer and travel

I haven’t really been working on anything specific for a while now. I’ve been roaming around the country and more still to come. I was out to visit my grandson for a few days in late June and as always we had a wonderful time together. We had a great visit to an Orchard which has developed a wonderful play space for kids and a super cafe with wonderful pie!


Then I was whisked by plane off to the other side of the country to be at my nephew’s wedding and celebrate my brother’s birthday along with my sister in her home.

One of the high points of our trip together was seeing some tall ships in the Welland Canel.


And all the time my own garden was flourishing.

spring aster-1.jpg
leaf textures-1.jpg

last week's classic vs whimsical

Working on these at the same time was really fun. They used such different parts of my brain and hands!

Do you have a favourite? Rose or Forest Sprite?


There are 2 loops on this one in this photo because I had been thinking of suggesting to an owner that they consider hanging it skew. But two of my daughters said NO. So the final work only has one loop that hangs straight up… and it is made from the red ribbon as well. I will be sure to place that in the fabric gallery when it is finally shot on my camera. but I thought you might like a preview!

And a detail view! Cheers!

sprite detail-3.jpg

so one piece at a time.

As most of you know I often use my photos in my work. I love roses and have many gorgeous shots of them, but hands down My favourite rose is yellow. One of the things I do for me is make a desk calendar every month using a photo from my digital stash. I have been known to use digital textures and overlays. This past March I used a lovely open bloom with an overlay from French Kiss and I liked it so much that when the month was done I decided to try to print it out on cotton and see what I might do with it.

Well it sat for a while then I thought I would try some hand embroidery starting with the overlay which had a lovely dragon fly. Then I carried on to do some of the blossoms . Then I got carried away with my box of colourful threads and stem stitched my way around the outline of the rose, and added some scattered seed stitch to the centre of the rose to add some texture and some shadow definition.

That is where I was last week and this week I was doing the backing and the frame. I have long wondered why we who do textile work still end up making pieces square. If it is a quilt yes… necessary but if it is for a wall why does it have to be square. I always like cloth hangings just as cloth if they are professionally framed I prefer that they not be under glass. So I played around with some things and this is the result.

rose overlay embroidery-1.jpg

The two ribbons still have to be completely sewn down but I like the shape of the piece a lot.

rose pverly detail-2.jpg

and here’s a detail of the embroidery.

where does the time go?

The days spin quickly past and the snow has changed back into spring, almost summer today… temperature wise…

I’ve been out cleaning up in the garden and earlier this week was doing a fair amount of hand embroidery that hasn’t found its way into my camera yet.

I am excited to share it with you though so I will get some photos soon. I’m working on two pieces at the same time. One that is very classic and one that is crazy whimsical. It is an interesting juxtaposition.

In the mean time… here’s to Spring!

toned blossom-1.jpg