one finished and one half way...

This is the final version that I have hung on my wall. Close ups of partially done work  were posted on May 31.. a second evolution, if you want to look back.

This is the latest work in progress.  I had a photo printed on silk gauze that I placed over a piece of commercial fabric. I liked the way the patterns worked together and I have been working with hand stitch to try to elaborate a third dimension. I felt the photo was one, the fabric was two and that combined there might be a third scene  and that perhaps the viewer would be able to see all dimensions at the same time and yet still see them as separate pieces too.  It's working I think but there is still a long way to go and it is proving rather hard to photograph,  but I'll keep you posted.  Let me know what you think?  

I did warn you....

 ...that this time of year was more about planting !  Planting thoughts, new skills and their practice, new homes for some of us coupled with all those new habits that have to be found deep in oneself as well as in the outside world  to which we are occasionally connected.  I have been sitting these past few weeks enjoying  visiting family  over evening al fresco dinners and  sewing and reading during the day. Isn't that what summer is supposed to be about?  Lazy times, when we can spend all day reading or sewing instead of vacuuming or what ever other work you find yourself putting off. Even writing here has seemed less important than sitting in a cool breeze on a hot day.  My garden grows slowly and blooms even more so but there are occasional bright spots at least for a few weeks. and I do love the green just about as much as I cherish the blooms.



sewing not ready but


 I am sewing a new  work by hand at the moment, but as always in June art takes a second place seat as the garden become the focus. With  our notorious short growing season, I have to plant NOW  if I want any appreciation and pleasure before the summer is done, if I'm lucky or more usually before the hailstorms flatten it a couple of times.

 I am always the optimist  though and get all excited about what flowers I will plant this year and revel in the ones that made it through another winter and are just beginning to burst. 

 Peonies are in bud,  with some filling out to their lacey perfection! and my first spring roses are blooming despite the dreaded aphids! 

This one  has only bloomed for two years.  But is a startling beauty!



a second evolution

Another piece is nearing completion and I wanted to share the process once again.  It was similar to the previous fabric and paper collage but this time it has  been mostly hand sewing. Searching shapes out in a beautiful mauve piece of hand dyed, and embroidering them then shading with tiny seed stitches. The left side panel has two pieces of batik and a small wedge of paper and there has bee a little metallic thread mixed in alongside some organza ribbons. 

 As you can see there are still pins in it so it has yet to  declare itself done but it is getting there.