and cold temperatures have begun

Yesterday was cool, and grey and with the forecast of the first frost I decided to get out and shoot the last of the beautiful blooms in my garden.

Here’s the complete bed of a wildflower seed pack, my husband planted. It has been lovely all season.

back lane garden-1.jpg

and some individuals…

back lane individuals-1.jpg
back lane individuals-4.jpg
back lane individuals-2.jpg

They are so cheerful, I’m glad I caught them for they will keep me returning to their bright faces over the long white months, which fingers crossed will not arrive for a while yet!

collage appears...

Am machine sewing some these days, project show and tell to come but after a long hard week forced inactivity because of my own clumsy feet, my hands and wrists are now just beginning to function more or less normally so paper collage it is.  It never taxes strength or  tries to twist stiff fingers. It is simply pure fun especially when I get to use bits and pieces of my own photos.

Suggested theme was a forest... so there were lots of photos to choose from.

forest collage-1.jpg


I wish I could claim a productive summer, and I can in some ways but in others it was a bit of a drifter.

My garden was  lovely until the hail, then as usual I kind of lost momentum so it is wonderful to go  back to other great garden shots... I'v=e always wanted  to do some planters like this one... so lush and  eccentric...

gardeners boot-1.jpg


These days with  phone photography we take a lots of selfies so you would think that a project that required one to make a self portrait would be quite easy. Wrong!

I have played with photos for weeks trying this filter or that or some other photoshop  practice... and I still come up with photos that show me as grim or with more wrinkles than I care to admit.   So I gave up and tried making one of my grandson... albeit from a year old photograph. But I used a process described  in a photoshop tutorial of how to make a drawing from a photo.  The process is quite lengthy but straightforward and the result for this photo I think is pretty wonderful. 

lucas drawing-1.jpg

It is now a favourite and has become my desktop wallpaper. 

I gave up trying to make one of me until I found a photo that when using the sketch filter on torn edges gave me  an interesting two colour image, that then encouraged me to turn it into a fabric portrait. I had been reading a wonderful book from the library called People and Portraits collected by Martha Sielman. All the portraits in the book are made by art quilters and the variety and quality is astounding. I had many favourites but the ones that really inspired me were made by   Margene Gloria May.  

 Mine doesn't look anything like hers... which is not surprising given how I do things, grin... and actually you will have to just imagine how this, dare I say first fabric portrait was done, for I forgot to take photos...  before I sent it to an art challenge, but if you are interested the book is a way better inspiration if you too want to capture yourself or a loved one in fabric.