something new from old bits

All summer I have been hand stitching bits and pieces while enjoying the back yard.  I have been wondering just what to make of them but  I have enjoyed the stitching and simple doing immensely.

 I started this, when I took my last trip to London to see my daughter.  Instead of simply writing and photographing I decided I would also stitch.   I was going to wax eloquent about how I'd already showed you some of those pieces but    Chuckle   I'm getting ahead of myself.  I haven't shown them to you.  And I find myself now with a finished piece and the vacation bits will have to show up later, perhaps, after I put them into a larger work.   

This is what I have been doing since I last wrote.  I had done all of the stitching I thought looked good and I liked the pieces in general but my brain always asks ... so what now! 

 This time I went into my studio and extra pieces lying around simply found their way into my hands and arranged under and over and buttons were rummaged and papers were added to the background... Two of my favourites,  a bark paper, and an embossed green and gold swirlly one.   It all pleased me then I wondered how I was going to get it all joined. I punched some large X's and  with some pearl cotton laced the papers together then  also fastened the cloth bits to the paper.  I have still to figure out a hanger on the back but I have some ideas.  And I'm liking it, calling it" tones of the city".

tones of the city-1.jpg


tones detail-2.jpg
tones detail back-4.jpg

 After I pressed it flat  I noticed that the embossed paper had created its pattern onto the front silk piece, just under the buttons. It is a little hard to photograph but I think you can make out this happy accident.

tones detail-3.jpg

for Lucas

 When my grandson comes to visit he  often asks to sew something. He likes to sit on my knee as I use the machine.  We have sewn many random patches and scraps of fabric with scribbly stitching  but this time I had  been playing with some combinations before he arrived and I  suggested we sew them together, if he liked them, and he could have a picture to hang on his wall in his new home.

He chose the decorative stitches we used.  One set that is a simple blind stitch was my mistake not remembering that I had to change the number mode.  But he didn't seem to mind.   If we had had time he would have used every embroidery stitch just to see it.  We stopped to have lunch part way through and after eating moved on to other activities so I finished the piece over the last few days and will take it out to him when I go next month. 

It hangs on my wall right now and...  you be the judge....


do flowers have wings?

 Sometimes , no actually, often, I don't know the names of the flowers I plant or photograph. But I  pursue the individuality or the impression... heard THAT word before??? grin.

 This one seems to have wings.... is it that they are light? or is it the shape? or just the simple idea of these petals  and how the camera portrays this capture!

Whatever it is I love their appearance!

flowers wings-1.jpg

august is always slow

I'm still relaxing spending my time hand sewing tiny stitches and seeing where they lead me. I came across this quote from Mandy Hale and am trying to put it into my practice.

"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just have to breathe,trust,let go,and see what happens."

I have been continuing  the red piece realizing that these tiny stitches are called seed stitches.

My poet brain likes the metaphor... seeds for a peaceful afternoon's work,  seeds for thought, seeds of beauty and somehow they are stitching the whole into my heart.