Where did a month go? I still haven’t taken photos of my work of the moment… even though it always continues.

But I have done a lot of thinking about a friends post about how to see truth through a lens. How to shoot photos of things that honour the thing itself, as seen, not through the attitude or presence of the photographer. I have gone back through my photos over the years and found some new gems.

First off I have to confess that I take photos spontaneously. It is a certain something that grabs my attention. it could be light… it could be colour… it could be simply I’m out shooting… and…

I also don’t have the latest equipment. I have a partial manual camera that is 15 years old… so you can probably count the megapixels on one hand. I also use a point and shoot when travelling. and sometime my phone… I have a new iteration that now won’t work with the olio lens… but I loved doing macro on my old phone and some of my best “abstract” shots were taken with this lens. All in natural light and hand held. If I have to work at arranging a shot or fiddling with all the possible variables I close my eyes point and shoot… not at all scientifically or perfectionately… isn’t that a great word?

I also LIke my computer and Lightroom for editing and Photoshop for rescuing those photos that because I haven’t taken the requisite time are out of focus or someother darn element…. and hence I get all sorts of drawings and blurs and fabulous colours that seem to glimmer out of no where and I also get the occasional artful rotten apple… grin!!!

So do you consider that truth from the lens? I have another friend who would say I was cheating! but In fact I take photos for the sheer joy of trying, and am delighted when even some of the mistakes become ones I’m proud of.

finished pansy-1.jpg

I love the focus on the dried up bloom rather than the full fresh ones. And I’m not sure that was on purpose but….