coming up... cheers to the greeness in everything

Remember My back yard last post?   It still looks the same ,sigh, so I have gone back through my photo archives for green... in honour of that famous day that happens every year. This year  it is on Saturday....  I get to celebrate two occasions on one day as March 17 is also my grandson's birthday. 

 Off on a road trip through snow and rain... but his smiling face awaits me.  and greeness awaits you.... top of the morning to you...

hairy seed pod-1.jpg

 seeds are always on our minds right about now...


 misty morning weather....

spring greens.jpg

 can you see a wee person standing under these broad leaves in the rain... grin

summer fun-1.jpg

 I didn't take this one but it is one of my favourites ( he is WAY bigger now) and makes me shout , Bring on summer!!!