oh where two weeks will bring you

So two weeks have gone by and I have been working on the plan, designing my own exercises to further my painting specifically on cloth.

I have made lots of notes in my paper journal and I have even written down some actions that would get me going. One of them was to start thinking about backgounds , would I paint solid colours, would I try abstract surfaces, would I do some fabric scrap weavings then overpaint or would I do some crazy quilting style painting to then overpaint etc…. there were lots of avenues for experimentation.

Yesterday I started thinking about just how to proceed with the paint. most of my reading about acrylics has to do with using prepared canvas. I wondered how or even if I needed to prepare ordinary fabric. I have done other fabric painting classes and they tell you to firmly clamp it to a frame . I have one square one, but I thought it might be nice to entertain my circles so i purchased some inexpensive embroidery hoops in various sizes and I have stretched some linen onto them.

Everywhere you read, one is told that paint needs a ground to help it adhere and yet I don’t really want the stiffness that that entails. Any way I thought well, I’ll try some small pieces with various ground surfaces and pick the one I like best. This was what I was writing down yesterday and I started a list then changed it to make another kind of list but both were actually leaving me cold! I was reminded once again I am not a list maker! And I actually hate doing “samples” My Pisces nature also floats to the surface here and whispers, how can you be sure that the ground samples are accurate given that every fabric choice I make may be slightly different.

All of a sudden I felt and enormous amount of preliminary work shouting to be done before I could start. It’s not that the work has to be perfect but I do have this ‘best practice” mentality that other artists must know more than I do and therefore…. sigh… another huge circle hooping me away from the initial desired end. I am also now reminded of why I haven’t planned like this before. And even a reason I have always thought a teacher would alleviate these issues. STUCK!!!

It is a really good thing I have a lot of time on my hands right now. In fact I had been thinking I had too much and was getting a trifle bored. Always a sign that something new is about to present itself and I have to hang around and listen for it to make itself heard.

I addressed these issues this morning in my paper journal and wrote this, I quote,

“Today both lists feel like more than I want___ Once again It’s like I have to start learning a new medium and it all has to find its best practice method which makes me yawn to start with then makes me feel more and more anxious and unwilling to even start. Maybe I’m being told something I’m ignoring. Maybe instead of painting right here right now I would do more if I collaged and stitched drew.”

then this… “ Part of the problem here is I don’t have the language to describe what I want to do.”

But my hands love collage. That is where I felt the most power before and after the planning class! I really like using the stuff I had to make new.

Part of this last two weeks has been spent going through my studio to see if there were some magazines and other stuff I didn’t need to keep anymore… you know clear space and new ideas will come…

Well one of the “ideas” I clipped out of a magazine, I cut off the title of the article to again keep less paper. That word with its 3 small photos was laying on my work table as I came into my studio to be distracted, to give my brain some sifting time… I collaged this piece into a piece, a piece of language-art that will not be deflected and that is actually a sound word for my year! Even though it may be a slight change in direction…

meld… merge, blend,combine, (n) a thing formed by merging or blending possibly from melt + weld

and melt… soften change or merge imperceptibly into another form or state

weld bring together into … an effectual whole.

hmmm sounds like where my power lies!

Are you surprised? I am a little

meld -1.jpg