meld can mean more....

Well scrapping the list making was a good thing. But I did keep coming back to the notion of painting. I was not yet sure where to begin or whether to give up. So I did what I usually do I went to work. if I wanted to do collage, do a collage! I got out an old canvas that I painted a while ago with ink tense blocks. It was ho hum… but a place to start. I sat for about an hour placing small scraps of fabric on top of this painting and was not getting anywhere then a fish scrap found its way to the top of my scrap bag and that was the catalyst!

It worked from there! next came the problem solving that many authors insist art is actually about. How was I going to get these fabric scraps onto the canvas. I initially thought I could sew them , using the canvas frame like a quilting hoop on my machine, canvas being way to hard to easily hand sew.

Cooking dinner and a couple of days thinking intervened and I found I was realizing I might be chickening out of trying my hand at painting again… and reading some of my new books on Acrylic methods and supplies started reminding me that I did want to paint still , but how?

Meld! DO both together! Paint, collage, sew, maybe I could do it all!

Yesterday I took myself for an exploring trip to a new and very close-by Art supply store. Being in an Art store for me is like being a kid in a candy store. I asked some questions and left with a new jar of soft gel acrylic medium. It both glued down the scraps and intensified the colours of the ink tense. For I also found the canvas frame was too thick to fit under my sewing machine needle. But my embroidery hoops will ,so another part of this project takes me onward.

I have learned that I can also mix soft gel with paint for textured effects, and that might be a cool additional element here but it might be for the next project too. Anyway I feel like I’m moving forward with my work!

baby fish-1.jpg