wow it's almost April.

In March, I was busy with a lot of things. mostly computer oriented and I found I was getting frustrated not sewing , or painting. A good sign for it means that February where I concentrated on doing something almost everyday has become a choice. One that I have come to expect and perhaps even continue.

I can’t call it a habit for that will jinx the process… oh I’m learning how to deal with this rebel inside of me. Grin.

I began the collage cutting pieces of a previously painted cotton and was playing with its position on various backgrounds but that decision making process was not keeping my hands busy enough. Pictures of that are coming soon!

One rash Saturday I decided it was time to tackle some tidying in the basement and I found a whole load of old cotton shirts I had cut up thinking I would paint on them at some point. One small piece still had a part of the front buttonhole placket on it and it was and interesting shape. It was quite creased from being thrown in a box so I thought why not use the folds to define some planes and see where it might take me. So I began to make tiny stitches in a very light thread all along the folds making angles and dart like shapes.

white small piece-1.jpg

I forgot to take a picture before I started placing the shapes on the front so here you are seeing the tiny stitches that end up being larger on the back.

The detail photo below shows you the front with the tiny stitches cascading down the folds. Looking rather like tiny beads. I really like the sheen of rayon thread.

white piece detail-2.jpg

Write here…

white small piece-3.jpg

This gives you an idea of what the collage will look like when it is all sewed down and the single buttonhole at the top will be a place from which to hang it. It should be complete soon so watch for the final photo.