it is december...

though you’d never know it by the weather. It has been quite mild here for a number of weeks now and fingers crossed there doesn’t seem to be a bitter end coming any day soon. I am enjoying this Long chinook, for it makes doing all the little things one does to get ready for Christmas so much easier.And although we have mostly grey skies because of the cloud there is always a bright band of blue and usually late in the afternoon the sun shines in under the cloud lighting the world gold.


I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about where my art has taken me and where it still might want to go. As you have noticed posting here has not happened on a very regular schedule for the last few months and the reason is that I have not been doing all that much because I have been wondering. Wondering just why I keep trying to make things out of bits and pieces. Wondering if I should return to painting because it was soo much fun. And yet I am reluctant to pick up the brushes again to simply create similar experiments. I really love abstract art, and I have a number of books about its theory and various techniques, but they are all focused on paper and mounted canvas. I still want to do it on fabric. I still have fabric specific paints but I’d like to try using acrylics but they stiffen the hand so much it would be hard to hand embellish.And that makes me think I still don’t really know enough.

I was tempted by another class that looked really good but I began to question if it would really help me anymore than before … and I found this quote in “The Art of Abstract Painting” by Rolina Van Vliet.

“finding your own assignments requires as much creativity from you as painting. Once you have realized this you will discover that you can be your own teacher.” And she also said this

“ you really don’t need anyone to get you started.”

Well I dithered around those two ideas for quite a while. In the meantime I was also following Jamie Ridler’s blog where she was promoting her Planning day event especially designed to be helpful for creatives, she said.

If you read me last year at this time I was waxing eloquent about how much I hated the idea of resolutions and goals… that I found them confining so never did them… I have since discovered that according to Gretchen Rubin and her personality tendencies, I am a rebel! I was not surprised… ask me to do something And I will generally say no! Ask me to plan and ???

Could I be my own teacher and plan things… we are all works in progress, and I’ll keep you posted on mine!


A couple of weeks ago when my sister was visiting we went to the zoo. it was a chilly day so we retreated into the conservatory to warm up and as always I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of texture. I love to contemplate just how I might make them in stitch but so far have not yet managed it. Still the photos appeal!

stalk texture-1.jpg

I also loved these…

amazon lily pads-1.jpg

Have you Ever seen a lily pad that big? And all the tiny spikes… wouldn’t want to be a hungry fish in this pond.


Where did a month go? I still haven’t taken photos of my work of the moment… even though it always continues.

But I have done a lot of thinking about a friends post about how to see truth through a lens. How to shoot photos of things that honour the thing itself, as seen, not through the attitude or presence of the photographer. I have gone back through my photos over the years and found some new gems.

First off I have to confess that I take photos spontaneously. It is a certain something that grabs my attention. it could be light… it could be colour… it could be simply I’m out shooting… and…

I also don’t have the latest equipment. I have a partial manual camera that is 15 years old… so you can probably count the megapixels on one hand. I also use a point and shoot when travelling. and sometime my phone… I have a new iteration that now won’t work with the olio lens… but I loved doing macro on my old phone and some of my best “abstract” shots were taken with this lens. All in natural light and hand held. If I have to work at arranging a shot or fiddling with all the possible variables I close my eyes point and shoot… not at all scientifically or perfectionately… isn’t that a great word?

I also LIke my computer and Lightroom for editing and Photoshop for rescuing those photos that because I haven’t taken the requisite time are out of focus or someother darn element…. and hence I get all sorts of drawings and blurs and fabulous colours that seem to glimmer out of no where and I also get the occasional artful rotten apple… grin!!!

So do you consider that truth from the lens? I have another friend who would say I was cheating! but In fact I take photos for the sheer joy of trying, and am delighted when even some of the mistakes become ones I’m proud of.

finished pansy-1.jpg

I love the focus on the dried up bloom rather than the full fresh ones. And I’m not sure that was on purpose but….