playing with pieces...

Spent a lovely afternoon yesterday assembling some small pieces that I have been slow stitching together into a larger piece.  The small pieces have kept me content the last couple of weeks  and like the red piece I discussed in my journal... I have done most of the stitching outside sitting in my backyard, enjoying the stitching and the summer at the same time.

They were random compilations of bits and the hand sewing also just began and was done when it was done.  It is a no stress way of working and is easy to pick up and just get going  instead of allowing procrastination and excuses to take over my inside voice and still my hands.

I was wondering what I would do with them, and yesterday ,  this also simply began to form by random combination into a something bigger.  Not sure if it is done yet but it is close.

tones of the city-1.jpg