garden blooms finally...

Carrying on in the tulip phenomena. My brother gave these beauties to me last fall. They are the special tulip commissioned for Canada's 150 birthday .

We have had three prefect days, warm scented air and the tulips are perfect too! 

'tis the season for tulips

 Haven't got any blooming in the garden yet... that will come in another week but I couldn't resist the bouquets  fresh from the florist shop.  I've had them the week and even as they fall apart there is great beauty coupled with dramatic colour, patterns and texture!

watercolours on ...

I'm  experimenting with how different paints work on timtex, which is a very stiff polyester interfacing.  I have used it before to make fabric books and postcards and this will be the ultimate purpose of these experiments but I wanted to try some watercolours first.  I really love this one.  The paint soaked in at different rates and made some lovely patterns.