Kim Klassen runs many classes and most of all encourages all of us to be still, breathe and to make still life photographs... just because.  I've talked about this in my journal as well , mostly by way of variation. In other words, I don't  do still life shots like her all the time.  I instead consider still life photography sometimes to be just that... " stilled life"... in all it's natural lucky placement of things, of light, of random beauty.   I also like photoshop "stills" because I truly am sitting still, breathing (often times in frustration...) at my computer playing with filters and colours and presets and sometime glorious results occur that the real photo, if you were to see it would astonish you with its difference.  

Just this weekend I was listening to a woman with her camera ready, telling another guest that she loved to get the RIGHT shot FIRST time with the camera.  I turned to her and joked, I do too but more often than not my photos are RIGHT only after I correct the angle of my approach.. chuckle..  I have another friend who thinks this is cheating.  And  maybe it is, for I would not have as many good photos without my computer. But on the other hand I take my shots fast,  usually because I am suddenly surprised by something glowing in the light or a shadow that is appealing or as, on holiday, I'm walking with someone else and only have a fleeting moment to click.  Often I only have a second to look but I want to still try to catch it.  And so I do . So when Kim suggested an Instagram sharing of stillswithstories , and I don't do Instagram either, and I suspect I talk more ... grin.. I thought I would share mine here.  Hope you enjoy them! 

How many times do we walk right by the only coloured leaf in a rush of drying brown ones.  I love the curl, and its nestling.  And the drying brown ones are much more than just brown!

I had been sitting on the floor looking the other direction taking photos of something else when I turned around and... sunlight was creeping over to touch my journals.  This one uses two Lightroom presets, Sepia and Antique light.