I decided the title of this section would be better explained by the title." photos and their stories" rather than   still life stories. I have been reading recently about how photos tell their own stories sometimes with words but often without words. I am always intrigued with the notion of not using words as I am naturally a words person so this concept has taken a while to  find its way inside the work that I do.  Yes it is similar to still life story but I want to include more than one shot in a story almost like a picture book.  So far I can't figure out just how to publish a book format here so today I tried making a slideshow of just 4 photos and have tried to up load that for your pleasure but.... that hasn't worked either so stay tuned once again while I attempt in the next few days to sort out this new challenge.


I found a wonderful quote that perfectly fits my state of mind today, from Diane Ackerman in her book Dawn Light.  She says, "  Loving your fate without trying to fix it,.... is easier to phrase than to feel.  ....  I find it, this state of grace hard to reach.  Like trying to frame problems as invitations, not challenges.  " 


 This is another one of those invitations. When I'd much rather just write and post more of what has become easy.  Sigh... until I figure it out, I remain hopeful that you will keep returning.