a fresh face for Spring!

a fresh face for Spring!


I'm Christine Barker. 

My life before computers and digital cameras was one of music and books.

I began my artistic expressions as a poet; a word smith searching and placing phrases precisely.

scrap book1-1.jpg

I fell in love with paper, making my own books.  Some of them  as tiny as this  2 inch "scrap" book.

I even liked measuring, cutting and folding.  




I began taking photographs seriously when I found digital cameras, discovered the joys of photoshop,  taking photos and turning them into drawings or abstracts or simply light studies. Often I fold them into  cards and books.

 I discovered I could print photos on fabric, to then turn into into various things,scarves,quilts,collages  and books.

I suddenly realized I could paint with scissors and collage with glue or stitches.

I discovered acrylics and watercolours and  loved the abstract, and totally intuitive dance of paints.

 I began ...hand and machine art quilting ... fabric collage for walls. I  love combining paper and fabric, photos and paints and threads and buttons .

Please enjoy having a look around.  If something strikes you feel free to comment.  It is always wonderful to hear from like minds.

Thanks for remembering all the images and words here are my work.  If you would like more information or maybe even to buy a piece contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.