garden blooms finally...

Carrying on in the tulip phenomena. My brother gave these beauties to me last fall. They are the special tulip commissioned for Canada's 150 birthday .

We have had three prefect days, warm scented air and the tulips are perfect too! 

'tis the season for tulips

 Haven't got any blooming in the garden yet... that will come in another week but I couldn't resist the bouquets  fresh from the florist shop.  I've had them the week and even as they fall apart there is great beauty coupled with dramatic colour, patterns and texture!

watercolours on ...

I'm  experimenting with how different paints work on timtex, which is a very stiff polyester interfacing.  I have used it before to make fabric books and postcards and this will be the ultimate purpose of these experiments but I wanted to try some watercolours first.  I really love this one.  The paint soaked in at different rates and made some lovely patterns.

the pressure was on but now...

It's done!   Advent countdown begins in 2 days and my grandson's new stockings are stuffed, boxed and ready for him.    It has been fun to put together but time consuming!

 These little stockings came as a fabric panel. I have backed them with other stripes and dots and he will peg them on a ribbon.

and here we are in November

As always after we pass remembrance day my thoughts turn towards Christmas.  It was a busier season in past years but I still start to think just which picture I will use for my card.  Sometimes it is more the colours of the photo. I go through a lot before a decision is made but here's one I love a lot.  

pale and neutral

This past week in Kim Klassens studio practice she asked us to think about which colours we seemed to photograph the most and least.  My most are COLOURS rather than pales and neutrals.  So the challenge was to try  to do the opposite of our favourites.  I really had to hunt. My garden where I shoot most of the time is full of brights . As it was raining I moved the shoot inside and found some things in cupboards and actually set up a table with white linen and put a pale backdrop behind as well... Chuckle even my walls are bright.  I have a couple that I like and I have also used Kk lightroom presets on these finished pieces. 

What did I discover?  KK Presets work way better on neutrals than they do on my BRIGHTS!  And I had fun doing all this !  thus Kim, I think I will keep trying these occasionally. Thanks for the push. And my readers?  Which do you prefer?