a new class, for april

This week I joined Kim Klassen's new class offering called 'The Studio". It is a class that you visit when you wish and there is lots of sharing in both the content and process of photography. 

I have taken many of her other classes and the thing I like best is that I am not simply inspired to take new photos, of things I might not shoot, but she is always ready to share her processing and tools with you so you can play around and grow better photographs and a knowledge base of  just how the images can be different than straight-out of the camera; IF that is a look you want. 

 If you have watched the construction of this site you know already I often struggle with how things are done on the computer.  I am sure that is because I don't think the way programmers do and the language that seems straight forward to them  means something completely different to me.  Kim shares computing tips and how to use the  photo processing programs one has and thanks to her... I have learned a whole lot in the last three years.

The studio is also dedicated to still life photography which is a great way to experiment and wow some of the things that come are great.  This week we were challenged to use some music as inspiration for a photo. One of the selections was simply peaceful and being a wonderfully warm spring day, I took my camera outside and shot some life stilled.  As my garden spring clean up has not yet begun due to the ever possibility of more snow and frost,I found some lovely shots of new shoots with all the twisted stems of last season in the background. my camera also found some tiny shoots I had never seen before. One is the straight and tall stalk.  The other one has a snake-like quality that I find rather unnerving but it is a cool photo. Not sure whether it will become something else yet.   

I also took some of my beautiful apricot tree which is just bursting into bloom and surprisingly there are bees who have found it already!