hardly recent and yet....

the snow keeps
drifting down
covering every aspect other
than its cold white breath.

my lungs forget how to empty
and each indrawn breath
is colder, sharper, bringing
singular awareness
one by one my fingers and toes are growing numb.

Yet as I approach another
slippery intersection
millions of tiny birds
skid out of the sky-space
that connect the clouds.

Their hot energy
is like pepper dust.
It catches my throat
propels a sneeze
gusts of fury
sheer vertical
as if to catch the centre
empty of bodies
empty air

the heart beat of an instant
direction change.

Poetry has always been important to me.  You will have noticed I haven't posted here regularly and that is because I don't write much anymore but I have decided  this is a good place to share some of my work that was written before.  So technically not recent work but work that I am proud of, none the less, and which has not been shared before.  Archives sounds far to lofty  and old files seems to dusty but I hope you enjoy reading my words, and that in some way they speak to you.  

Please respect my copyright!