still life 2

I wrote last time about my fondness for creating still life photos with photoshop.

This time ,perhaps just because I said I didn't, and yet I can and do.... I include some still life studies that actually were composed.

Props are usually the hard part and yet I have lots of things I collect so I have something artistic for my mantel.  I have trouble throwing out beautifully shaped bottles. These tall slim ones were California vinegar bottles, but one can only take so many photos of clear glass. In one of my crafting enthusiasms  I decided to use some alcohol inks to colour these two and I love the mottled look especially when the sun catches them.  Ah me... sun, glass and ???  Always on the lookout for a good shot!

Then I had to try the bottle in the grass...  it was still so green...

Do you have a favourite? I'm not sure which one I like best.

After sitting with these photos for a day, because I didn't really feel they were that good...  (You know the critic is always the first voice one hears.)  I  was still on the lookout for a better shot.  I had prepared some vegetables for supper and was just waiting until it was time to cook.... and suddenly I saw the perfect still life.  I'm not sure this counts as a composed shot ... it truly was an accident at least to start with but in the end, I think, a happy one. 

A still life, life stilled, life waiting to become...  something else.