still life

I keep wondering why it is that I prefer the natural still life,  the photos of actually stilled life rather than composed items.  Perhaps it is not that I prefer the natural things but that they are instantly there where I find them.  I don't have to collect the raw materials and compose them.

 That makes me lazy I suspect! 

  Yet, often I would like to spend the time collecting and positioning pieces then shooting them but my fixed lens camera does not give me the thrill of a good composed capture like I think it does when I shoot in real light and have found something that I hadn't considered photogenic before.

 That said,  I enjoy working with the idea of composed pieces within photoshop.  I often have photos that are not quite right for photography, there is not enough exposure or I have shot the same background many times before and I would like it to be different.  This is where the fun of filters and textures and overlays comes into play and I can literally spend hours manufacturing a photo and loving it.  The photo I give you today is just one of those.  I have played with this photo many times and have never managed to get it just right. There are things I wish were there, like a little more detail in the flowers in the middle of the bouquet and maybe I'll spend some more time trying to draw those in but I really like that it is closer to being  something other than a ho hum photo.  Perfection always escapes me and that suits me, for I am really here to  play and try and experiment.